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Design and consultancy

We use the world leading design software developed by MiTek. This computer program can produce designs for almost any truss configuration and, if required, can prepare comprehensive roof layout drawings and details to the exact requirements of individual projects. The 3D graphics give an accurate picture of what each roof will look like from any perspective.

This system is generally accepted as the industry standard for contract costing and product design.

Example trusses

King Post truss queen post truss
King Post Queen Post
Fink roof truss Double 'W' roof truss
Fink Double 'W'
Small cantilever roof truss Large single cantilever roof truss
Small Cantilever Large Single Cantilever
Large Double Cantilever roof truss Assymetric roof truss
Large Double Cantilever Assymetric
Monopitch roof truss 'Room in Roof' roof truss
Monopitch 'Room in Roof'
Assymetric 'Room in Roof' roof truss Dormer 'Room in Roof' roof truss
Assymetric 'Room in Roof' Dormer 'Room in Roof'
Flat Top 'Room in Roof' roof truss Hip End roof truss
Flat-top 'Room in Roof' Hip End
Open Jack roof truss Bobtail / Stub roof truss
Open Jack Bobtail / Stub
Double Bobtail Stubb roof truss  
Double Bobtail / Stub  

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The trusses are manufactured from softwoods strength graded in accordance with either BS4978, BSEN518, BSEN519 or as recommended in BS5268 Part 2. The punched metal plate timber fasteners have been tested and certified by UK Accreditation Authorities.

All trussed rafter designs are prepared in full accordance with the relevant British Standard Codes of Practice, notably BS5268 Parts 2 and 3. Designs also fully meet the requirements of Buildings Regulations.